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Textos para sala de aula

quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2009

Texto em português - Repassando atividades - Quadrilha.

João amava Teresa que amava Raimundo
que amava Maria que amava Joaquim que amava Lili
que não amava ninguém.
João foi para os Estados Unidos, Teresa para o convento,
Raimundo morreu de desastre, Maria ficou para tia,
Joaquim suicidou-se e Lili casou com J. Pinto Fernandes
que não tinha entrado na história.

(Carlos Drummond de Andrade)

Texto em inglês - Repassando atividades - Capoeira.

Capoeira is a fusion o f dance and martial arts . Capoeira originated among african slaves in colonial Brazil. Capoeira is danced in a circle to the sound of Berimbau, a percussion instrument of african origin. In the beggining of the 20th century, capoeira was opposed by brazilian authorities, but today is regarded as a national sport.

quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Texto em inglês - Repassando atividades - Christmas present.

David wants to buy a Christmas present for a very special person, his mother. David's father gives him $5.00 a week pocket money and David puts $2.00 a week into his bank account. After three months David takes $20.00 out of his bank account and goes to the shopping mall. He looks and looks for a perfect gift.
Suddenly he sees a beautiful brooch in the shape of his favourite pet. He says to himself, "My mother loves jewelry, and the brooch costs only $17.00." He buys the brooch and takes it home. He wraps the present in Christmas paper and places it under the tree. He is very excited and he is looking forward to Christmas morning to see the joy on his mother's face.
But when his mother opens the present she screams with fright because she sees a spider.

Texto em inglês - Repassando atividades - The prisoner

This is John Smith. He’s Colombian but he lives in Brazil. He is a prisoner. Mr Smith is 33 years old. He doesn’t work or study. Mr Smith cannot read or write but he can play the guitar very well. He plays the guitar every day at 6:30 pm after dinner. The other prisoners all like his music. Mr Smith likes POP ROCK but he doesn’t like SAMBA. Mr Smith likes Brazilian food and drinks…He loves brown chocolate but he doesn’t like white chocolate. His room number in the prison is 333 on the 3rd floor. People call Mr Smith "The Music Man". Mr Smith is a happy prisoner. He wakes up at 5:15am and has breakfast; he eats very much!!! He has black coffee and bread in the morning but he doesn’t eat fruit or drink milk. He smokes very much!!!

Texto em inglês - Repassando atividades - Native Americans

North America was the home of many tribes of Indians long before Europeans came to the New World. Many centuries before the arrival of Columbus. Indians hunted, fished, and planted crops. They hunted bison on the great plains, fished for salmon in the rivers of Canada and gathered rye seeds in California.

When Columbus arrived, the Indians, were masters of the American continent.

Most American tribes were peaceful. They lived happily in harmony with nature. They believed that spirits lived in the elements of nature, such as trees, animals, water, mountains, etc. They thought that these spirits could bring success in marriage, hunting, fishing or farming.

In order to maintain their old traditions American Indians hold festivals where they show their dances, music and art.

Among the best known American native tribes are the: Apaches, Comanches, Blackfoot Indians, Sioux, Cherokees, Red skins, Pawnees, Dog-Ribs, Yellow Knife Indians.