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quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Texto em inglês - Repassando atividades - The clown.

This is YOYO. He’s from Mexico but he lives in the U.S.A. He is an actor in a circus. YOYO is 33 years old. He works for THE WORLD CIRCUS. He doesn’t study but he works very much. YOYO can sing, juggle, and dance but he cannot play any instruments. He loves the circus and he works every day from 4:40pm to 22:00pm every evening. Before this he has fruit juice and bread for dinner and prepares his show. YOYO is a very good actor. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English. YOYO lives in the circus. He lives in a circus van with other actors. His van number is 33 and he sleeps on the 1st bed. YOYO loves Mexican food but he doesn’t like American fast food. He loves sweets and chocolate. He doesn’t smoke.

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