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quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2009

Texto em inglês - Repassando atividades - The prisoner

This is John Smith. He’s Colombian but he lives in Brazil. He is a prisoner. Mr Smith is 33 years old. He doesn’t work or study. Mr Smith cannot read or write but he can play the guitar very well. He plays the guitar every day at 6:30 pm after dinner. The other prisoners all like his music. Mr Smith likes POP ROCK but he doesn’t like SAMBA. Mr Smith likes Brazilian food and drinks…He loves brown chocolate but he doesn’t like white chocolate. His room number in the prison is 333 on the 3rd floor. People call Mr Smith "The Music Man". Mr Smith is a happy prisoner. He wakes up at 5:15am and has breakfast; he eats very much!!! He has black coffee and bread in the morning but he doesn’t eat fruit or drink milk. He smokes very much!!!

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